I want to make people happy with my art!

Doortje en Bobbie

Raised in a small village near Tilburg. Already from an early age I loved to paint. Especially Flowers, because the bright colors really made me happy. After high school I started working in fashion. Fashion is Art! As a hobby I started painting on glass, and I also had lessons from various artists for 7 years.

Fashion is Art!

Over 20 years!

I have been painting on glass for over 20 years. That’s how I started painting glass ball vases. That was completely new at the time! And it was a big success. My vases are now available in selected stores in the Netherlands and abroad.

Delft Bleu – Delft

I want to keep developing myself. I also really enjoy working with ceramics! And attending workshops. Like getting lessons from the Master painter in ‘Delft Blue’ at the Porcelyne bottle.

Enjoy my work, it’s made with love!
Doortje IJpelaar